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Apple Skin Vegan Faux Leather

Committed to Excellence

Made in Italy


Apple Peel Skin is an innovative and highly sustainable hybrid material (Vegan Faux leather) made in Italy, which integrates organic apple peels into the skin of the material, making it an Eco-Friendly alternative for those who care about the environment and animals.

Our Apple Peel Skin Vegan Faux Leather is the first material certified as an Ethical Vegan product by the exclusive European certification body VeganOk.


Apple Peel Skin is certified by the University of Ferrara in Italy as a Not-Irritating material, and we represent the Vegan Faux Leather with the world’s lower impact on the environment.
The current scope of applications with Apple Peel Skin includes but not limited to Shoes, Bags, Furniture, Clothing and Accessories.


Apple Peel Skin makes an excellent choice for those costumers that mind the environment and are looking for a healthier lifestyle.